42 Yerevan

42 Yerevan is a revolutionary computer programming school. Tuition-free, the learning process is completely peer-to-peer, encouraging close collaboration among students. Along with TUMO Labs, 42 Yerevan will be one of the EU TUMO Convergence Center’s primary components.

Anyone over the age of 18 is encouraged to apply. No prior coding experience or relevant degree is required. At 42 Yerevan, students face real-world software development challenges, solving these problems in a peer-to-peer fashion. Students set their own pace and, after mastering the fundamentals, chart their own development path.

42 Yerevan’s tuition-free price model and emphasis on collaborative, project-based learning mirror the pioneering approach established by École 42 in Paris, Codam in Amsterdam, and 42 in Silicon Valley. The 42 Yerevan team is currently hard at work preparing its curriculum, with members of the team embarking on recent trips to visit École 42 and HIVE Helsinki (another successful peer-to-peer computer programming school) to learn best practices for incorporation into 42 Yerevan. 42 Yerevan is expected to launch in 2020.