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42 Yerevan

42 Yerevan, a prominent part of the EU-TUMO Convergence Center for Engineering and Applied Sciences, fits right into the broad network of France-based School 42, joining campuses in San Francisco, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo and 26 other cities all around the world.

Free of charge

No prerequisites for admission

A highly competitive program

Project-based learning

Ready for the job market

Over 10 programming areas

42 Yerevan was launched in 2021. The competitive admission process, which started in 2020, lasted almost half a year. Out of 4,500 applicants, 160 became students and began working their way through the 42 curriculum. 47% of students are women, which is the second highest number in the global network of 42 schools.

Admission in 2022 has opened, and even more students are expected. Learn more and apply by clicking the button below: