Welcome to the Future of Convergence

The EU TUMO Convergence Center for Engineering and Applied Science is a state of the art STEM ecosystem in Yerevan, Armenia. A hub for research, education, and startups geared towards university students and young professionals, the center will bring together partners, both local and international, to bridge the gap between higher education and industry in Armenia. It will be a mixed-use campus that connects students, researchers, and professionals to each other and with their global peers while fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. On the educational front, the center will host TUMO Labs, 42 Yerevan, a shared hub, co-financing units, and a conference center. The center will also include a set of mutually reinforcing components that combine teaching and training facilities, business incubators and accelerators, and public retail outlets.


67 firms from 24 countries submitted expressions of interest to design the brand new EU TUMO Convergence Center in Yerevan. After a spirited competition full of bold and innovative design proposals, a five-member jury whittled the competition down to three firms.

Ultimately, the jury selected the Dutch MVRDV studio to design the new center, with the firm demonstrating a deep understanding of the center’s programs and vision, in addition to the urban context in which the site is located. Further, MVRDV’s design proposals were highly responsive to the project’s objectives, namely creating an extensible platform, a nexus for collaboration, and an accessible destination with ample public, shared space and opportunities for convergence. Perched overlooking Yerevan’s Hrazdan River Gorge, plans for the new facility are in progress.

MVRDV has completed projects in Rotterdam, Pujiang and Tianjin. The concept of the EU TUMO CC hub will be revealed in 2022.


TUMO Labs is a technology, applied science and engineering education hub that connects higher education with industry. The TUMO Labs education program consists of guided self-learning and project-based learning formats. These two complementary methods enable students to acquire knowledge and practical skills in the fields of technology, applied science, and engineering. As a result, it equips students with the competitive skills needed to succeed in a globally connected job market and economy. Anyone aged 18 and over can participate to gain skills and innovate in areas that are shaping the new digital age.

Learn more about the initiative here: tumolabs.am.

42 Yerevan

42 Yerevan fits into the broad network of École 42, joining campuses in San Francisco, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo and 26 other cities all around the world. It is a tuition-free programming school designed to train the coders of the future. 42’s learning program is based on a gamified self-learning platform where students acquire knowledge and skills by completing practical projects. The curriculum offers over 150 projects that are consistently updated to reflect the latest industry standards.

Admission is open at 42yerevan.am.

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Phone: +374 10 398413
Email: eutumocc@tumo.org
Address: Halabyan 2a, Yerevan, Armenia