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About the Project

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, farmers need sound consultation to help adapt to this new climate. In a joint project with TUMO Labs and Garoon Tech, students will create a mobile application for visual analysis that can detect plant disease symptoms and signs of deficiency. Using this platform, farmers will receive expert advice on the types and quantities of fertilizer needed to overcome any problems. The agronomic consultants, meanwhile, will have new opportunities for employment. The product will first be made available in Armenia prior to scaling up and targeting CIS countries with similar agricultural issues and customer bases.

Background knowledge

Required Knowledge: Get acquainted with knowledge and skills required to participate in the project by clicking the button below.

Duration: 6 months

Application Deadline: 6th July 2020 

Start Date: 14th July 2020

Eligible: Students or young professionals with the required knowledge 18 and over are welcome to apply.

Selection Process: CV=>Testing=>Interview

During the COVID-19 lockdown situation, TUMO Labs will host the project sessions online. After the lockdown ends, students will attend TUMO Yerevan at 16 Halabyan.

Student Requirements

  • Work on the project from 12-15 hours per week. TUMO Labs will be open for two days per week, from 10:00 am-3:00 pm (once on-site activities resume).
  • Be available for online meetings with the project manager to discuss the project’s progress and remaining work. Meetings will take place twice a week.
  • Take online mini-workshops to develop knowledge and skills related to the project’s scope.