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The 42 Yerevan programming school has opened

On January 18th, the 4th floor of TUMO Yerevan was particularly lively. Immediately after taking pictures, playing table tennis, and getting to know each other, the 42ers dove into the world of programming. Now, 42 Yerevan will be full of programmers working day and night on coding and pushing themselves to learn as much as they can.

In the summer and fall of 2020, more than 4,000 participants joined the program. After going through several stages in which their skills were tested, 160 were selected to study in 42. One of them is 21-year-old Vahagn Gishyan. “For me, 42 is not just a training center, but a place where I can find friends, share ideas, and work together on this path. I want to start a gaming company with my friends here in the future, then come back in 42 to share our experience and inspire others by our example. ”

On the same day, the Ambassador of the European Union to Armenia, Andrea Wiktorin, also visited the programming school. “I think the EU TUMO Convergence Center is a great platform for young people to develop their skills, especially at this difficult time. If Armenia wants to become the Silicon Valley of the South Caucasus, this is a wonderful start,” the ambassador noted in her congratulatory speech to the students.

42ers have 3 educational stages: basics, specialization, and internship. The international experience of 42 confirms that the vast majority of students find high-paying jobs in the field after an average of 2 years of study.

Ani Harutyunyan didn’t wait long to start the learning process. As she delved into 42’s self-learning method on her first day at the school, she explained, “I want to create an educational mobile app. In order to do that, I need skills to develop a high-quality app and make my idea a reality. This is where 42’s web development projects will help me.”

The 42 network now has more than 100 projects that are constantly being added to. Once these projects are implemented and the participants become better acquainted with the basics in the field, they will choose their field of specialization, ranging from artificial intelligence, to cyber security and video game development.

“This program is special because it trains many dedicated programmers. Of course, it is important to send decent programmers into the field, but it is more important to train programmers who can bring the industry forward. They can do it as a team, as the main secret of the program’s success is teamwork as there are no teachers here. ” said Pegor Papazian, TUMO’s Development Director.

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