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About TUMO Labs

TUMO Labs is a technology, applied science and engineering education hub that connects higher education with industry. Based in Yerevan, Armenia, it offers a free, project-based learning program that prepares students for a competitive job market in the globally connected economy. Anyone aged 18 and over can participate in TUMO Labs projects to gain skills and innovate in fields that are shaping the new digital age. TUMO Labs covers a range of growing technologies and topics:



Machine Learning






Big Data


Cyber Security






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Become a Student

TUMO Labs is a free educational program for young professionals and university students over the age of 18. Its projects are hands-on collaborations between partners in academia and industry that explore the technologies and topics shaping the new digital age.

No university degree or prior experience is required to become a TUMO Labs student, although individual projects do have prerequisites for participation. Projects last anywhere from 3-6 months and require a commitment of 7-10 hours per week. Prospective students can learn about TUMO Labs projects and apply to participate in the  Projects section below. While the application process may vary by project, each requires the submission of a CV and an interview, at minimum.

Become a Partner

TUMO Labs provides opportunities for companies and research institutions to connect with pools of young talent. Whether on a one-off, short term project or through a long term collaboration, TUMO Labs can connect you with dynamic teams of university students and young professionals to support special projects or work directly alongside your own staff.

TUMO Labs offers three types of collaboration:

1) Corporate Project
A company proposes a project with their own objectives and requirements. The topics and goals should be market-relevant and support the development of Armenia’s tech sector.

2) Co-funded Research
Collaboration Projects in this category can involve multiple actors like
universities, think tanks and private companies and feature various degrees of networking and information sharing. They may be fully or partially funded by TUMO Labs, private companies, NGOs or government entities like the European Union. Co-funded research collaborations are required to produce results like a publication or thesis. Ownership of IPR depends on the funding organization(s).

3) Personnel for Research and Teaching
Individual professionals or companies can volunteer to be part of a team that works with a project manager to provide instruction or conduct research. The team may include distinguished professionals, postdocs or doctoral students and company staff.

Apply to become a partner by completing our project collaboration form. For more information about partnerships, email eutumocc@tumo.org with “TUMO Labs Collaboration” in the the subject line.


TUMO Labs & CoronaTest

The participants of the joint project between TUMO Labs and CoronaTest will create a mobile application, through which users will be able to keep a record of their coronavirus testing history and their vaccination information in their pocket. The mobile application will differ from the existing web application in its functionality and features, as it will include rapid access (Face / Touch ID) notifications and alerts, online / offline data storage, as well as QR scanning and other innovative solutions.

TUMO Labs + Agrarian University

Students participating in a joint project between TUMO Laboratories and the ANAU Faculty of Agrarian Engineering will create a small IoT device and an automated plant irrigation system using the Arduino, C and C ++ programming languages. This will determine the level of moisture present in the soil with the help of sensors and will irrigate as needed.

TUMO Labs + Osensus

The participants of TUMO Labs and Osensus’s second 3D programming project, aimed at improving the automated rigging and animation program, will create realistic animations for the characters. Moreover, they will work on rigging the characters’ faces, emotions, as well as the movement of the hands and fingers. Following its completion, the program will be able to create animated characters that can be used on different platforms.

TUMO Labs + Nation in Action

During the course of the project between TUMO Labs and Nation in Action, participating students will develop the IntotheAgro website. The goal of this website will be to make Armenia’s agricultural sector more presentable and attractive for investors. The website will showcase information about the sector, present the most critical needs of the industry, and create a database for companies offering innovative solutions in the industry. In addition, IntotheAgro will form a link between agricultural companies and those working in the agricultural sector.

TUMO Labs + Garoon Tech

Mobile Application for Agricultural Consulting
July 2020 – November 2020

In a joint project with TUMO Labs and Garoon Tech, students will create a mobile application for visual analysis. The application will allow users to detect signs of disease and deficiency in plants while connecting farmers with expert advice from agronomists, creating new consulting opportunities in the process.

TUMO Labs + Viciniti

IoT Cloud Security
May 2020 – August 2020

In a TUMO Labs project with Viciniti, participants will develop software that streamlines how IoT devices connect to cloud networks securely. Viciniti is a U.K. and Armenia-based company that develops infrastructure software to help industrial organizations run secure applications locally, at the on-premise edge.

TUMO Labs + TeamViewer Armenia

IoT Sensor Integration
April 2020 – July 2020

Embark on a journey through the Internet of Things (IoT) in a TUMO Labs project with TeamViewer Armenia —  a developer of software that allows you to connect, monitor and operate machines and devices from anywhere. Students will use APIs to integrate sensors into the TeamViewer IoT platform and write a program that retrieves and visualizes data from each sensor.


Digital Healthcare Management
February 2020 – May 2020

Students in a TUMO Labs project with Healthcare Innovation Center (HIC) are currently exploring the digitization of healthcare management in Armenia and beyond. They will use their insights to develop an application that connects iHealth devices to a database linking healthcare providers throughout Armenia.

TUMO Labs + AOByte

Artificial Intelligence
February 2020 – April 2020

In a TUMO Labs project with AOByte, a Yerevan and Toronto-based software development firm, students from various Armenian universities are working together to create an AI-powered license plate recognition module and web app that allows users to moderate cars passing through a checkpoint. To accomplish this, students are getting acquainted with Computer Vision and machine learning.

TUMO Labs + Osensus

3D Programming
February 2020 – May 2020

Students are using a 3D Fascination Scanner to create a program that automates rigging and animation for 3D models with one of the following programming languages: Python, Java, C#, and C++. 3D Fascination — developed by the industry partner in this TUMO Labs project Osensus Armenia — is an automated color and precision scanning management system used in over 20 countries around the world.

TUMO Labs + 10XEngineering

Graphic Programming
November 2019 – December 2019

TUMO Labs teamed up with 10XEngineering, a custom hardware and software developer, to design a learning experience for computer science students at the French University of Armenia (UFAR). Over the course of 6 weeks, participants learned the LabVIEW graphical programming language and used data acquisition hardware to develop fully automated climate control systems.


Who can apply?

Anyone aged 18 and over may apply to participate in a TUMO Labs project. No university degree or prior experience is required to become a student, although individual projects do have prerequisites for participation.

How do I apply?

Click on the Apply button for your chosen project. Have your CV/Resume ready to attach.

What is the application process?

While the application process may vary from project to project, each requires the submission of a CV and an interview, at minimum.

What if I am rejected for the project?

If your application for one project is unsuccessful, apply for another one currently posted or check back for other opportunities in the future. You are welcome to apply for more than one project at a time.

Can I participate in multiple projects at the same time?

No. Projects may be scheduled in parallel with each other and each one requires a commitment of 7-10 hours per week.

Do I get a certificate at the end of the project?

No. TUMO Labs is an enrichment program and students do not receive certificates of participation. You may request a reference letter from the company that you work with during the project. University students may independently pitch their professors to receive credit for completing a project or have their project count towards their grade.